Slim Aluminum Headrail

“Absolute Slim Clutch A 1 3/8” (1 1/2” with bracket) slim aluminum headrail with integrated cord spools. Perfect for doors and low profile settings. Operates with a continuous chain loop and comes ready for you to mount your shade onto a velcro front. Assembled includes a 1 3/8” low profile headrail, 1:4 heavy duty clutch, cord spools, lift cords, continuous white plastic bead chain (optional metal available), brackets, and cord tensioner. Optional white, silver or antique bronze metal bead chain available.  Parts kits available in 4ft, 5ft and 6ft sizes:

  • Max width 141”
  • Max height 137”
  • Max weight 13.2 lbs”

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Absolute Slim Clutch

Interior Design Workroom

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